NASA’s Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Captures First Colour Photo Of Mars


NASA has captured the first-ever colour photo of Mars, as pictured by the Mars Ingenuity helicopter, a remote-operated drone.



Taken at about 17 feet above the ground, the image reveals the red-orange landscape of the planet and includes track patterns left by the Perseverance rover, which helped land the Ingenuity helicopter on the Red Planet.



This marks the first photo taken by the Ingenuity, as well as ‘the first color image of the Martian surface taken by an aerial vehicle while it was aloft,’ as explained by NASA.


NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity won't fly until next week at the earliest  | Space


Following the third flight, the Mars Ingenuity is now preparing for its fourth trip to follow in a few days’ time. So far, the drone has gone from 40 seconds at three meters off the ground on its first try, to 80 seconds at five meters high.



The NASA team is aiming for higher numbers as the helicopter attempts to beat the thin atmosphere of Mars.

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