NASA Announces Earth Is Safe From Hazardous Asteroid For The Next Century


For anyone thinking up the end of the world, NASA has just announced that asteroid 99942 Apophis – which was identified back in 2004, will NOT pose a risk to Earth for at least 100 years…



Back in 2004, Apophis – named after the Egyptian god of chaos and destruction – was one of the most hazardous asteroids, with predictions it could get close to Earth in 2029. Turns out, with another anxiety-inducing flyby scheduled for 2036.



But don’t worry! Turns out the Earth will be safe from the asteroid in the year 2068, as NASA’s centre for Near-Earth Object Studies’ Davide Farnocchia has confirmed.



‘This greatly improved knowledge of its position in 2029 provides more certainty of its future motion, so we can now remove Apophis from the risk list.’, he added.



According to NASA, Apophis is a relic of the solar system’s early formation over 4 BILLION years ago (yep) and is estimated to be 1,120 feet long, so would undoubtedly cause destruction if it hit Earth.


Earth is safe from asteroid Apophis for the next 100 years | Space |  EarthSky


While it won’t be hitting Earth on April 13th, 2029, it will be visible to anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere, which Franocchia is looking forward to because of ‘the science we might uncover during its close approach in 2029’.



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