The First MGT Semi-Finals Aired Last Night, and Here is What Our 5th Judge Thought About it All!


The day has finally arrived – the first ever Malta’s Got Talent Live Show is here. We expected tears, laughs, dramatic music, and The Greatest Showman songs – we actually only got two of those, but there are many more live shows left so there’s still plenty of time for those!

ICYMI, here’s a quick catch up!

Gordon started us off with a truly winning performance – here are some of my favourite moments.


This line where he came for Maxine


And this little moment they shared


As well as this line where he came for Sarah



And just to get it out of the way early, yes Sarah wearing a goldfish bowl as a visor



Southville dancers threw us back to our 00’s kid emo days with their song choice.


I also noticed the 2020 social commentary with the toilet paper – so moving!



Geneve lived out all our 10-year-old Disney Channel Movie fantasies.



The young singer that writes their own songs, the sparkly outfits, … I’m watching Camp Rock (and I’m not complaining)


For his performance, Matthias portrayed the journey of Covid cases we had this year.



Up, down, and right back up!



And Sarah dramatically lip-synced to ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ all through the performance.



To be fair with all these rainy days lately, if you say you haven’t done that sitting next to a foggy window recently you are a liar!


Sy and Ezaya brought the clubs back to us, since we won’t be going to any clubs soon.



And same Sarah, that also happens to be my dance move of choice.



Chris had us believing there was some hidden, second guitar player somewhere.



Gordon revealed his outfit change – a lovely robin hood/peter pan cosplay



Once again Christian showed us that our level of geography knowledge is embarrassing.



Just had to include this moment of Sarah’s comments



We all vicariously tore a few muscles through Izzy’s performance.



Joseph came through with the production value.



You guys see the banda too, right?



Bruce managed to offend like 10 different nationalities in just two minutes



And we ended with a blast from the past with a Frozen cover by Ike and Kaya



You see what I did there, ‘blast’ cause it’s Frozen … I tried



The show then ended by announcing the Top 4 contestants from the public’s votes, only to announce that one of them wasn’t actually going to the final … it was a very stressful process.

In the end, we did get our three finalists: Ike and Kaya, Matthias and Joseph, and yes people have many opinions about this. We’re definitely excited to see what’s coming in the next few episodes after all this!



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