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Miley’s ‘Party In The USA’ and ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by *NSYNC Back On The Charts After Biden’s Win


The iconic anthems ‘Party In The USA’ by Miley Cyrus and ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by *NSYNC have been resurrected from the dead right back onto the charts thanks to Biden’s victory of the election.

It seems that the American people are really celebrating this new beginning since they decided to bring these dusty tracks back into their homes, possibly as a reminder of the better days and to celebrate the next four Trump-less years!



Miley Cyrus released her track, back in 2009, and it was massively popular. After all, it was extremely catchy, and I guarantee most of us remember the iconic phrase “It’s a party in the USA!”

In fact, Miley’s track really came back big and managed to hit the iTunes Top 100 chart and reach it’s way up to Top 40!



Now if you thought 2009 was a long time, then *NSYNC and the dinosaurs used to share the stage! ‘Bye Bye Bye’ was released in 2000, and just to put that into a little personal perspective, Intern Dave was born back in that same year!



Now that just reminds me how old I’ve become, but the song hasn’t aged a bit! Clearly, even 20 years after its release, this tune still had the cult following to bring it back to the iTunes Top 200!



I guess voting Trump out of the White House wasn’t enough of a message from the American people, so they decided to slap another layer on top of that!

I guess this could count as a triple win for Joe Biden, Miley Cyrus and the boys (well, now men I guess) in *NSYNC!