Looking for YOUR Perfect Spot? Waterbiscuit is the Answer!


We are all looking for the perfect spot that is safe, casual and cosy.

We are looking for a space to catch-up with our girlfriends over a unique cocktail; a sunny Sunday brunch; a birthday celebration with the family, a football game while snacking on one of our juicy burgers; and a casual date accompanied by a glass of wine in hand and tempting pasta and meat-cut dishes.



Waterbiscuit has re-opened its doors with a fresh new menu just right for the Autumn and Winter period ahead.



Our Kitchen Brigade has prepared a menu that offers a variety of dishes for anyone’s taste buds; whether you are looking for colourful salads, vegan dishes, appetising pasta plates, tasty burgers or that something sweet.



Complementing the fantastic food offered, the talented Bars Team over at Waterbiscuit has prepared a never-before-tasted range of cocktails, aiming to whet your appetite.

We invite you, to discover Waterbiscuit once again and find just what you are looking for.

Head HERE for more info, or Waterbiscuit’s Facebook Page for the latest offers!