“My wish is that we do not go back to pre-COVID practices” – Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia


As he concluded a debate in parliament on a bill regarding the introduction of video conferencing in proceedings before the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia, said that he wished that as a country people do not go back to how things were before the COVID-19 Outbreak, but said that incentives will be rolled out for people to continue working from home, in an attempt to keep pollution levels down.

Minister Farrugia said that one of the few positives which came out of the COVID-19 outbreak is that there has been a 40% drop in nitrogen oxide levels registered across the six air monitoring stations of the Maltese islands. This is most definitely a direct consequence of the fact that people have used their cars less over the past weeks.

Nitrogen oxide is linked to respiratory infections. It is produced by traffic and the burning of fossil fuels in power plants.


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