“My Daughter had Daily Headaches Because of Online Learning” – Parent of Student Who Can’t Wait to Return to School


Hannah Mae Gruppetta, a 10-year old student has written an open letter in the hope that schools will in fact reopen as usual when the next scholastic year starts.

“At school we are taught that we should always let our voice be heard. So I thought why couldn’t we do it in a real-life situation?,” she said, in the letter to The Times of Malta.

In the letter, Hannah Mae speaks of online schooling, saying that it has been hard, not only for the teachers and the parents, but also “for us children.”



Commenting on Facebook, Hannah Mae’s father, Chris said that he agreed to let her down send the letter, which was totally her idea, “because she was getting upset” about decisions being taken on matters that affect children, “without them being able to make their voice heard.”

“And online learning really affected her negatively, she had 3 1/2 months of daily strong headaches, and I mean literally daily, as in non-stop for 3 1/2 months,” he added.



“It is a child’s right to have a good and well-balanced education. I am hoping that schools will open and I can meet my friends again… so long as everyone follows precautions. If things get worse, obviously I understand that health and safety must come first,” Hannah Mae writes.

Hannah Mae also says that she misses laughing and playing tag with her friends in the playground, she misses the breeze coming in through the open windows, she missing her teachers’ fun lessons, and, most of all, she says, she misses the excitement before break – to which I am sure we can all relate if we take a walk down memory lane.



Hannah Mae’s letter also touches upon some harsh truths about how children are perceived. She thinks that “sometimes adults underestimate us children.” Then she poses the question, asking how different are children from adults?

“Yes, adults help us understand things and they helped us cope during this pandemic. Yet, even though they know more than us, they sometimes underestimate how much we understand and how much we can cope.”

“I don’t want to be “muted” any more,” she concludes.


Photo: Times of Malta


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