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Mum Slammed After Video Shows Her Giving Vape To Baby Son

Shocking video has surfaced showing baby son sucking on a vape


Others surrounding the 11-month-old didn’t appear to mind that the infant inhaled the device’s vapors and subsequently coughed it up.


Reports show that the mother from Australia’s mid-north coast was observed smiling when the boy’s aunt placed a vaporizer in his mouth.


“Want to try,” the woman remarked before the infant took a puff from the vaporizer.


The terrifying occurrence was captured on video and shared on social media for all to see.


One user commented:


 “Who gives their kid a vape, grow up and be a better mother. How can you put the vape up to your own son’s mouth and watch him suck on it and laugh while he’s choking and coughing.”


The New South Wales Police have been made aware of the video and are now conducting an investigation on the matter.


unfortunately this is not the first time something like this has been posted to social media.


Last year a man posted a viral video of a similar situation and now faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.

See the video here: