Mum reveals simple hack to banish house flies

House flies can be absolute pain in Malta during the summer months.

But now a mum has shared her incredible hack on Facebook that will cost you literally a few 5 euro cents coins.

She posted in the group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, sharing her quick and easy hack with all the other members, which had a great reception.

It read: ‘Seen a few posts about flies coming indoors as we’ve all our windows and doors open in this beautiful weather!

‘A clear bag half filled with water with a few copper coins in!

‘Hang above doors/open windows, flies hate it!’

She continued: ‘I’ve not had 1 in days. I promise you I’m not crazy, it works.’

So all you need for this quick hack is a ziplock bag, some water and loose change.

There’s a variety of different theories available as to why this works to repel flies, but essentially it’s down to flies basing their sense of direction off where sunlight is coming from.

The house flies’ complex eyes are overwhelmed and confused by the multi-directional refracted light produced by the bags, causing them to fly off rather than hang around.

The post had a great reception in the group, with a variety of members commenting that they also do the same thing.

One said: ‘I do this every year it’s fab’.

Another added: ‘We do this every year, it works!’

We don’t know about you but we’ll be trying this out ASAP.

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