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Mum Horrified After 8-Year-Old Daughter Uses Alexa To Find Out Her Birthday Presents


I’m just going to come out and say it – kids are becoming too tech-savvy for their own good these days, such as this schoolgirl who managed to find out her birthday presents by asking Alexa.


Mum Mortified After Daughter, 8, Uses Alexa To Find Out Her Birthday Presents


Her mum Kirsty Florian even warned her pals that kids ‘know what they’re doing more than you think’, after her daughter, Bella managed to work out her secret gift stash…



Plus, she was left mortified after she found out her daughter somehow knew she had been gifted a starry night light projector, a Rubix cube, and earrings. Soon enough, she found out that her Alexa flashed up with a notification saying that the gifts were due to arrive that day.


Naughty Bella let the Alexa list off all her presents (Credit: Kennedy News & Media)


Unassuming Bella asked Alexa about the notifications, she realised it started reeling out her birthday presents and she didn’t tell it to stop. But, turns out Bella knew how to use Alexa better than her mother!



Laughing at the hilarious blunder, Kirsty said, ‘Alexa stitched me up. Bella isn’t daft. She’s quite clever and I was mortified. I couldn’t believe what had happened. It was like she innocently teamed up with Alexa in a way.’


Kirsty had got her daughter a load of goodies (Credit: Amazon Alexa)


‘I don’t think she knew the notifications were going to be [for] her birthday presents, but once she heard it was the Rubix cube and stuff she’d asked for, she wasn’t going to stop because she knew it was for her.’



Whilst the generous mum bought Bella another present for the element of surprise, Kirsty added, ‘Parents, make sure you turn off your notifications when you’re ordering presents. [Kids] know what they’re doing more than you think’.