MTEAM’s Latest Track “Are You With Me” Hits The Airwaves on Bay Breakfast!


After the success of their hit, 1991, which stuck to Bay’s Malta’s Top 10 for weeks, MTEAM are back with their latest track, AYWM! Short for Are You With Me, the track was played first a few minutes ago on Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia.

3/4 of MTeam – Micimago, Matthew James and Kugene were guests on this morning’s show where they also revealed that they are already working on their next single – and we cannot complain!




As 1991 was being conceived in the final days of the pre-covid world, MTEAM had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started production on their debut track.

Having never worked all together, creating a track should have been a challenge in the first place.

Self isolation during Malta’s first wave didn’t help either. However, through thick and thin, Matthew
James, Micimago, Mr. M and Kugene managed to create a track which spent 9 weeks at the top
spot of the local PRS chart and various other radio charts.



This incredible feedback simply propelled the band to be not just a one time thing. Hence the birth of the new track AYWM.

AYWM delves into the psychological effects of bullying and bad-naming. In the song, the protagonist has been bullied for quite some time now and has had enough. Deciding to take a new direction and approach towards handling narcissists and tough guys, the bullied trusts in cosmic justice and karma to take its natural process.



The music video, which, as the boys said, will be released ‘soon,’ has been directed by Steve Levi and filmed by Andrew Randon, and promises to be a psychedelic trip to an 80’s prom night.

Musically, AYWM reminisces 80s glam rock guitar riffs meshed with a House production and poprock vocals.

Keep ’em coming guys! We look forward to also seeing this on Malta’s Top 10, Mondays at 9pm with Jake!

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