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MSPCA Urges People To Adopt


The MSPCA has put forward five proposals that could help reduce the number of stray dogs and cats in the shelter.


The first is a nationwide neutering campaign, alongside higher taxes for breeders, buyers, and sellers of pets. Both initiatives aim to encourage more people to adopt, rather than buy.



The MSPCA added that if animals are not adopted, Malta might resort to kill shelters.


Althea Galea from the MSPCA spoke in favour of a tax on the sale and purchase of dogs and cats. She mentioned that in countries like Holland, whoever wants a dog or a cat must necessarily resort to adoption due to the hefty taxes.



Galea also pledged for breeders to be regulated, wherein a female dog or cat does not have puppies or kittens more than twice. At the time of writing, female dogs and cats are allowed to reproduce six times.


All of these proposals come in an effort to raise awareness about the animal shelter in Malta and the dire consequences that may follow if nothing changes.


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