Mr Beast Is Giving Away An Island When He Hits 100 Million Subscribers


From casually treating his close friends with luxury cars, to handing out thousands of dollars in bills to the homeless, Mr Beast is no stranger to splashing some cash. However, he’s got something big up his sleeve for when he hits 100 Million Subscribers.


Currently at 91.5 Million subscribers, Jimmy Donaldson (a.k.a. Mr Beast) had taken to Twitter to let everyone know the plan for when he reaches the incredible milestone.

I’ve got to be honest, it wouldn’t be a Mr. Beast way of celebrating if there wasn’t a huge prize involved, and prizes don’t get much bigger or crazier than a whole island! Who knows, maybe once he hits 200 Million he might give away a whole country if he can get his hands on it!



Either way, the best part is that you can enter into this yourself! It’s as simple as subscribing to his channel, and you could be one of the lucky hundred that will be battling for ownership of this island.





As far as this battling situation goes, it will be interesting what Mr. Beast dreams up to determine the rightful owner of an expensive floating rock. Let’s put it this way, he hosted his own Squid Games, so he is no stranger to creating some friendly yet fierce competition.



The fans are loving it. The comment sections and his Twitter followers are losing their heads over it. And I’m currently subscribing to the channel. I can’t promise anything, but let’s just say that if I do win that island, you’re all invited to the island-warming party.