Mother Comments On Press Conference Live-Stream: Becomes Internet Sensation Overnight


Yesterday evening, all our eyes were glued on our TV/SmartPhone/Tablet screens as we followed the Government’s annoucement of Malta returning to Normal.

On the TVM Facebook Stream where people can comment, like, or ask questions, one mother got us feeling all the Sia vibes, as she asked a simple question, which reflected how most parents are probably feeling right now, because, let’s face it, they deserve a big-fat applause for transforming themselves into educators and crafts assistants while not letting go of their parenting responsibilites, which, oftentimes carry a certain degree of stress.

Shortly after the press conference, I am sure that most of you received the below screenshot, which definitely made you LOL, literally!



Lisa Seisun asks “Will the schools open before I tie my son to the chandelier, with his Playstation and all?”

Before a string of comments follow – Ms Seisun is obviously joking, but after 3 months some parents are starting to lose their minds.

Hands if YOU can relate!