Moschino Releases New Baguette Clutch Bag…and It’s Worth Over €800


Since apparently, we didn’t have enough “WTF” moments in 2020…the Italian luxury brand, Moschino, just dropped a new clutch bag to their collection and for whatever reason, it’s designed to look like a baguette…


Baguette bag - Bags - Women - Moschino | Moschino Official Online Shop in  2020 | Moschino, Women, Shopping


Okay, I thought we’ve seen the wackiness of it all after the resurgence of Crocs – and let’s not forget those ripped Gucci tights – but if those trends weren’t bizarre enough, Moschino just came out with a French baguette handbag.



The bag is made of leather and has a three-dimensional baguette design with a gold-plated Moschino logo. Oh, and it’ll also cost you over €800?!


People Left Baffled By Moschino's £750 Baguette Clutch Bag


On a designer retail site, the brand teases, “Stroll down the Seine (or the supermarket) with this Baguette clutch while you pick out the best wine choice for dinner. And maybe some real bread”.



…Why do I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Lily Collins wearing this in season 2 of Emily in Paris? As for me, I think I’ll just stick to real bread, thanks.

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