More People in Malta Are Adopting Abandoned Dogs During Covid-19 Pandemic

With people at home, in isolation, it seems like many have found solace in adopting a furry friend to keep them company.

Manager of the sanctuary of the Association for Abandoned Animals in Birzebbugia, Rosalind Agius, shares that in a month, a total of 50 dogs were adopted. She tells TVM: “This is our puppy room and it is now completely empty.  We do not have a single puppy available, which is not normal for April, in fact usually we have three rooms which are full and sometimes we even have to open another place.”

She continues to say that now is a good time to adopt, if you’re thinking of doing it. Since you’ll be at home you’d have time to train your dog as you wish. At the same time, she shares her concern on the fact that some people might be adopting these dogs as companions until the virus pandemic is over, so they’re being very careful with the adoption process.

Rosalind also brings up the point that due to the Covid-19 situation, sanctuaries have had less volunteers and donations.

“On Saturday and Sunday, where usually we used to be between 15 – 20 volunteers, now we are just two with all these dogs. It sometimes makes you feel like crying and we have also been faced by the challenge of less donations, although we realise that everyone has seen a similar decrease,” she tells TVM.

If you plan on adopting a dog, keep in mind that yes, during these difficult times, a pet can bring tremendous joy to your household, but a pet is for life, and should not be abandoned when all this is over, and you no longer require the company.


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