Monopoly Releases New Edition & Its Their ‘Longest Game Ever’


Family game nights are about to get even more heated with Monopoly’s latest edition, which includes 66 properties (38 more than the original), and you need ALL of them to win…marking this as their ‘longest game ever’!


Monopoly: Longest Game Ever | Image | BoardGameGeek


And if that wasn’t enough, Hasbro also introduced only one die to the latest board game and will see players inching around with game pieces shaped like tiny tortoises and hares.



There are a few more updates that help move money around and keep the game going – but auctions aren’t allowed on this one. However, in this new version, if a player lands on the ‘Free Parking’ space, then they get paid.


Monopoly releases "longest game ever" edition to cause even more fights


Each bill can also be split into smaller sums using perforated lines, which allows players to increase their purchasing options – so there’s less chance for bankruptcy.


Hasbro has released a new Amazon exclusive version of Monopoly called Monopoly: Longest Game Ever – Idaho Reporter


So, how is the game won if it doesn’t end when all, but one remaining player goes bankrupt? Well, it turns out you can keep playing after you’ve declared bankruptcy BUT you must own every property on the board…



In other words, this version doesn’t end until someone owns all 66 properties, 16 streets, four railroads, and two utilities. As Hasbro explained, ‘The game doesn’t end until someone owns every single property – and there are 3 versions of each in this board game’.


Monopoly: Longest Game Ever | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


I must say… this would’ve been the perfect addition to release earlier this year because I’m sure you’ll be needing at least all weekend to finish this one!