Money Heist Season 5 In Production? Instagram Seemed to Give us a Hint!


Money Heist’s Part 4 ended with quite the explosive cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for the crew’s hit on the Bank of Spain to continue. In Part 4, the hit on the Bank of Spain took a turn for the worst in the latest outing after Nairobi (Alba Flores) was killed in the action.

Soon after everyone was done from binge-watching, the question on their mind was: “When is Season 5 Coming to Netflix?”. This question was a tough one to answer, with major movies and series’ terminating production during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

HOWEVER, A recent social media clue could have confirmed the start of production. We knew that Netflix had given the go ahead for season five, we are all eager to see if the genius criminal’s second master plan will be successful.

The clue reached in the form of an Instagram Story from Show Creator Alex Pina’s Production Company, Vancouver Media, which may have revealed the show is about to kick start production soon.

The new post features a costume rack with a hanger labelled ‘Lisboa’.


Vancouver Media Instagram


Fans were quick to recognise the image most likely contains the Season Five outfit worn by Itziar Ituño’s character Raquel Murillo, who originally led the task force against the Professor and his team in the first season. However, after getting to know his alter-ego Salva, Raquel falls in love with the criminal leader and joins his team for the second heist in Part Three. The former inspector now goes by the moniker Lisbon, or ‘Lisboa’ in the show’s native Spanish.

Naturally, after this story, people took to threads and boards to discuss this and come up with possible timelines, with people also expecting an official announcement soon.

“If they start next month, S5 will most likely be out in late March/April. Seems good enough given that there was a 3 month shift in schedules,” one user said.

With no official information yet, this is just a waiting game!