Money Heist might be back sooner than you think and here’s what to expect in the new season

Whilst still not officially divulged by Netflix, the major rumour is that the new season, part 4, will be back on Netflix on the 18th of January 2020.

The Spanish show, originally called La Casa de Papel, has proven to be popular not just here in Malta, but it’s also a worldwide hit. If you haven’t checked it out yet, or are not fully caught up: firstly, honestly what are you waiting for?! Secondly, beware because the next bit contains some serious spoilers!

Here are some questions we have about the next part of the story and what we’re expecting to see:

Nairobi’s fate

Part 3 ended with one hell of a cliff-hanger: Nairobi was shot in the chest, just after being lured to a window by the detectives to see her son. Whilst we don’t know whether she lives or dies in the next part, it ends with her bleeding out heavily and her survival looks unlikely. Nairobi has also not appeared in any of the interviews for part 4, so could this really be the end of one of the show’s most loved characters?

The professor’s downfall?

Ever since the first season, the professor has always been calm and collected, however now, something has changed: he’s now completely in love with Raquel Murillo, aka Lisbon.

As a man who thinks the love of his life is dead, he basically triggers a war (Defcon 2) with the Spanish authorities. Are things still going his way? Does he still have a plan? To the viewer, it seems not, which makes us wonder whether the professor has, for the first time, been fooled by the authorities.

Are Tokyo and Rio over for good?

This season was a rollercoaster ride of emotions in terms of Tokyo and Rio’s relationship. First, he was taken away then they were finally reunited, but viewers were shocked when Rio broke everything off with Tokyo. So, is this really the end for Tokyo and Rio? Surely, there’s going to be more to this relationship in the next part.

Hell is about to break loose

With everything that’s happened: the end of relationships, the potential death of one of the robbers, the start of “a war”; we think that part 4 will be the most action-packed season of them all. Many characters have very little to lose now and they’re going to pull out all the stops.

Is this the end?

When part 2 ended, the story wrapped up quite nicely and everyone thought that was that- however, as Netflix normally do, they shocked us all with the release of a third, and now a fourth instalment.

But with the story seemingly heading to a close and the actors pretty much saying their goodbyes on Instagram when the filming for the fourth part wrapped up, we’re probably going to say “adios” to La Casa de Papel.

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