Monday ‘will be the hottest day of the year’ in Malta

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any warmer – it does.

Monday is set to be the hottest day of the year so far in Malta, according to forecasters.

Weather experts told 89.7 Bay temperatures will feel as hot as 41°C on Monday afternoon.

However, the Met Office in Luqa said things will cool down by the middle of the week with temperatures falling to 31°C by Wednesday.

Sunbathers hit Malta’s beaches in droves over the weekend as the temperatures soared, with thousands heading to Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, Paradise Bay and Pretty Bay as well as Ramla Bay in Gozo.

Tourist hotspots such as Mdina, Valletta and Mellieha basked in the summer heat on Saturday before temperatures climbed even higher on Sunday to feel as warm as 40°C.

The weather was also perfect for swimming, with sea temperatures as warm as 27°C around Malta and Gozo.

Andrea Muscat from Gozo Weather Page on Facebook said: ‘This is the third heat spell of the season.

Temperatures will rise steadily over the next few days before being brought to an abrupt end by strong northwesterly winds next Wednesday.

‘If maximum temperatures exceed 36.5°C for five or more consecutive days, it would become a heatwave.’