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4 Moments All Maltese Travellers Can Relate To


Although summer may slowly be coming to an end, many Maltese are still booking tickets abroad to escape these scorching heatwaves. And to be honest, who can blame them? So, with tickets in hand and travel plans in mind, here are the most relatable moments that every Maltese traveller experiences!


Clapping When The Plane Lands

Clapping on planes has a bit of history, notably happening after successfully landing after a plane malfunction. However, even after the smoothest of flights you can always single out the Maltese passengers who wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put their hands together when touching down in the airport.


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Call it tradition or just the Maltese mentality, we love celebrating a good landing. Flight companies should consider themselves lucky we don’t start setting off fireworks every time we land because, let’s face it, we would if we could!



Meeting Locals

Being a small country with a tiny population, we don’t usually expect to meet other Maltese in foreign lands. This is exactly why when we do come across some of our own, we make sure everyone around us knows that we come from the same country!


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It’s a very Maltese thing to do; as soon as we encounter another of our species we automatically act like life-long friends! This usually takes the form of shouting across restaurants and sharing our life stories until the moment we met. Of course, seeing who is shouting in a restaurant in a foreign country is one of the key ways we identify who shares our Maltese blood!


The Excitement of Waiters Knowing What Malta Is

On the topic of dining, there is not a single opportunity that we miss to let restaurant staff (or any staff, really) know that we come from an exotic island in the middle of the Mediterranean. What really puts us into a frenzy is finding out that the staff has heard of us before!


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We’re historically used to foreigners having never heard the name of the country before, so having waiters recognise Malta makes us feel recognised and important. It makes us feel like we’ve left our mark in another country, which really makes our day!



Bargain Shopping

One word: Primark.

If the Maltese don’t love a good bargain, then I don’t know who does. Particularly Maltese parents would do anything to get their children dresses for the next decade for as cheap as possible! I’d say we actively go out of our way to find the most bang for our buck anywhere we go! I know of Maltese who go abroad with empty luggage for the sole purpose of filling them to the brim with discounted clothing!


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If a foreign shop is renowned for low prices? You’ll find us there with full carts. If a restaurant abroad is known for a cheap buffet? Good luck finding a table not populated by Maltese. We’re bargain hunters by blood, making sure to sniff out anywhere that we can stretch out our hard-earned Euros!