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Missing Girls As Young AS 12 Allegedly Being Forced Into Marriage

According to the Women’s Rights Foundation, girls as young as the age of 12 have gone missing because they have been forced into marriages with much older men.

“Even as young as 12 are disappearing from their classrooms and then turning up weeks later saying that they are married to much older men or not ever showing up at all”.
Commissioner for Children Antoinette Vassallo said concerns about child marriage had been raised with her office “by professionals”


She also added that; “Child, early and forced marriage has been a concern of the office for a number of years”

Earlier this week, several social workers and educators claimed to be aware of instances in which teenagers failed to show up for class and their friends informed the teacher that they were on their honeymoon.

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the former president of Malta, has stressed the need to expose what she called a hidden reality.