Miss Nevada Makes History As The First Trans Woman To Win US Pageant


Kataluna Enriquez is making moves as the first trans woman to win the Miss Nevada USA pageant!



Last Sunday, in Las Vegas, 27-year-old Enriquez was crowned Miss Nevada. Enriquez might have only begun competing in cisgender pageants last year, but she’s already made history as the first transgender woman to hold the title of Miss Nevada!



Enriquez will now go on to compete at the Miss USA pageant on November 29. Speaking about the victory, Enriquez shared: ‘It’s a huge honour to win, especially during Pride Month. I wasn’t nervous. I knew that I had worked really hard and I had my one shot at making history.’



Speaking about what it meant to win the pageant, Enriquez shared: ‘One thing that is important for me is inclusivity, diversity and representation. It’s something I did not have growing up and is still lacking in today’s world.’



‘Today I am a proud transgender woman of colour. Personally, I’ve learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than.’, she added.


Miss Nevada also highlighted the cost of dresses and how tough it is for contestants to find dresses that ‘fit their bodies’. In fact, Enriquez explained that she wishes to develop her skills and be able to create gowns for herself and others.


The pageant winner went on to remark that the competitions aren’t just about beauty, but about ‘how you present yourself, what you advocate for, what you’ve done and the goals you have’.

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