Misery for drivers as floods hit Malta’s Coast Road

Police have urged motorists to drive with extra care after heavy rain sparked floods across parts of Malta and Gozo.

Drivers were told to avoid the Coast Road near Kennedy Grove after floodwater transformed the recently-built roundabout near Salini Bay into a muddy swamp.

Shocking photographs taken by 89.7 Bay listener Jacques Mizzi showed the extent of the flooding.

Weather forecasters warned of more rain thundery showers across Malta and Gozo this weekend.

Andrea Muscat from Gozo Weather Page said: ‘We can expect periods of steady rainfall that may be heavy at times.

‘While isolated showers will be possible at any time today, the periods of steady rainfall and isolated thunderstorms are expected in the evening and at night.

‘Any rainfall may be heavy at times. Up to 50 mm of rainfall may occur in the hardest hit areas.’

Infrastructure Malta explained the low-lying road flooded after the drainage system ended up blocked by rubbish, vegetation, soil and rocks from nearby fields.

A spokesman said: ‘The culverts were cleaned recently, but debris blocked them again.

‘We’re looking into ways we can allow more rainwater to flow without getting blocked in future.’

Workers managed to clear the blockage by 11.50am on Saturday.

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