Minister Proposes That Early Lessons At UM Should Shift Online To Help Combat Parking Issues


Economy Minister Silvio Schembri has proposed that early-morning and late-afternoon lessons at the University of Malta should be made accessible online once and for all in an effort to ease the institution’s infamous parking problems.


silvio schembri | The Malta Business Weekly


As per an interview with Lovin Malta about MIMCOL’s economic vision for Malta, Schembri remarked how all education shifted online due to the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic. Whilst he acknowledged that fully online education isn’t viable for young kids, he added that it can be permanently mainstreamed among tertiary students.



As Schembri shared, ‘When I was a student and had a lecture at 9am, I had to be there at 7am to find parking and I think we’ve all experienced this. This is besides the traffic caused by thousands of people all traveling to the same location at the same time.’


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‘I think this is the way we must think. The pandemic has accelerated some developments and we shouldn’t scrap all we did.’.



‘COVID-19 has also shown Malta’s ability to transfer its higher education learning online. We will capitalise on this by targeting individuals wishing to pursue their academic studies with Malta’s higher education institutions.’, he added.

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