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Millions Raised To Bring Back Mammoth & Dodo Bird

The Woolly Mammoth And The Dodo Bird Might Be Making A Comeback!

The venture capital-backed scientific behemoth Colossal Biosciences revealed intentions to resurrect the dodo on January 31.

The mammoth-recreation corporation was established in 2021 by internet entrepreneur Ben Lamm and geneticist George Church of Harvard University.

It then revealed such an initiative for the thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, a year later.

The long-extinct dodo has now joined the roster thanks to the founding of a new Avian Genomics Group and an alleged $150 million in extra investment.

According to Colossal Biosciences’ principal paleogeneticist and member of the scientific advisory board, Beth Shapiro. Shapiro highlights the regeneration of the ecology of Mauritius and the nearby islands.