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The ultimate fashion statement for the microverse!



If you have even a slight interest in high-end handbags, chances are you’re familiar with iconic names like Chanel classic flap bag or Hermes Birkin. However, you might not have come across the Microscopic Handbag by MSCHF.


Measuring less than 0.03 inches in width, this minuscule “Microscopic Handbag” created by New York-based art collective MSCHF is so tiny that it’s barely visible to the naked eye when placed on a fingertip. Despite its size, it fetched over $60,000 at an auction recently.


Sporting a vibrant neon green color and manufactured using 2-photon polymerization printing methods with a 3D printer, this bag is a miniature replica of Louis Vuitton’s renowned OnTheGo tote. To appreciate its intricate details, one needs to examine it through a microscope, revealing the clear “LV” monogram on its surface. In their auction listing, MSCHF proudly hailed their creation as “smaller than a grain of salt” and the ultimate embodiment of bag miniaturization.