Micimago Shares MTEAM’s Exciting Future with Jake on Malta’s Top 10


Last Monday, during Maltas Top 10, Jake sat down with one of Bay’s newest DJ’s and 1/4 of MTEAM, Micimago, to discuss some of Mteams latest tracks.

MTEAM is a four-piece band formed by Micimago, Matthew James, Kugene, and Mr. M. In the interview, Micimago shared that both of the first two tracks they released were done remotely from home.



Even when the second song was underway in July, when the situation was calmer. In fact, Micimago added that they only met once when producing the songs.



Despite having only known each other for a few months, Micimago explained that through good teamwork, great communication, talent and above all, solid friendship, they were able to produce some banging songs.



Whilst the collab was planned as just temporary, and there were no plans on becoming a group, they got some pretty great feedback.



And after all the fun they had creating the songs, the plan to work more together in the future, and know what their sound is, and honestly, we cannot wait!


Besides forming a part of MTEAM, all of them are still individually working on their own songs too.

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