Micimago, Jolene And Shaun Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary With An Acoustic Version Of ‘Place’


Following their collaboration two years ago, Micimago with singer/songwriter Jolene Samhan and Shaun Axiaq on their Summer track ‘Place’ they are now set to release an acoustic version of the track on May 30.


This Summer track rose to success and was even nominated for Best Song and Best Dance Track and snatching the award for the latter.


Jolene stated that this track was her first opportunity to show off her songwriting skills and eventually releasing it. She added that she is grateful for what this project has led her to and that it was great learning curve to grow as an artist.



This acoustic release comes exactly two years later where the three of them reunited to release an acoutic version of ‘Place’ to celebrate their success that this track brought with it.



The song along with its music video will be released on May 30 at 10AM.



In a statement, released by the trio, Micimago explained that it was pleasing to revisit this songs. He stated that he usually doesn’t open up old songs however this track was different and he knew that they could take it to another realm and they are happy they did.


Back in 2019, the trio, filmed their original music video in Micimago’s garage with a simple greenscreen, as humble as it can possibly be. However, now they will be collaborating with local video producer Nick Bugeja along with a few more talented individuals who will join them on set.


Shaun said that it is exciting that they get to collaborate with other artists. He expressed that he is always up for  a challenge, especially with two talented artists and an equally gifted video producer.


He added that experimenting with this hit was definitely worthwile and the memories which it brought with it were a bonus.


You will simply have to wait and see!

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