Michelle Obama named ‘most admired woman’ in the US

Former US first lady Michelle Obama has ended Hillary Clinton’s 17-year run as America’s most admired woman.

Mrs Clinton came third in the annual poll, with television presenter Oprah Winfrey in second.

The Queen finished in the top 10 for the 50th time, according to pollsters Gallup.

Former President Barack Obama was most admired man for the 11th year in a row.

President Donald Trump finished second for the fourth consecutive year.

The poll has been carried out every year since 1946.

Most Admired Woman in the US

Michelle Obama – 15%
Oprah Winfrey – 5%
Hillary Clinton – 4%
Melania Trump – 4%
The Queen – 2%


Most Admired Man in the US

Barack Obama – 19%
Donald Trump – 13%
George W Bush – 2%
Pope Francis – 2%
Bill Gates – 1%