Michelle Muscat Invites The Public To Join Her During Her Annual Swimming Challenge

Michelle Muscat has officially launched the sixth edition of her annual swimming challenge.  The challenge will be held on Saturday 11th July, 2020, and is going to be a bit different than usual. Michelle Muscat will embark on a swimathon in the sea and will involve the participation of the general public who are invited to come for a swim and donate in aid of The Marigold Foundation.  This event will also be open to people with mobility challenges with an accessibility lane leading to the sea and a number of floating wheel chairs and hoists available throughout the day.

The Aquatic Sports Association  will also be participating in this swimathon involving all waterpolo players who will be doing the swimathon at District5 pool.

Persons of all ages including children are invited to join the swimathon in the sea against a €10 donation swimming different lengths according to everyone’s ability within safe parametres.  Those who wish to participate and also enjoy the acquatic fun park can do so against a €20 donation.  Early registrations are encouraged from:

The Meeting Place in Marsa , Tal-Qroqq National Pool, Cottonera Sport Complex, Kirkop Sport Complex, Birzebbugia Local Council or message on The Marigold Foundation Facebook.

Music and entertainment will be available on the beach making this swimathon a fun activity for the general public.

This event is following all health regulations guidelines currently in place.

For more information send a message on The Marigold Foundation Facebook Page or call on 99912373.


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