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Michela’s Freshest Tune Plays First on BAY

Michela was the main guest on today’s Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia, minus Ylenia, who is currently in Milan to fulfill a lifelong dream and fantasy, but that didn’t stop her from surprising Daniel on Valentine’s Day!

Now, many of you have been wondering what Michela has been up to after Chameleon, and until you saw her at the X Factor Malta Finals. Well, on Tuesday, on her Facebook Page Michela announced that her new song “Say it First” with B-OK would be out today, and we were lucky enough to have had the first play during this morning’s show.

During her time on Bay Breakfast, Michela was asked questions by our listeners including about her favourite TV series’ which include Love Island and Friends. Michela also confessed that following her collaboration with Ira Losco last Summer with Cannonball, she now wishes to collaborate with Owen Leuellen!

As soon as she said this, Daniel spoke for most of the Maltese population and urged her to “make the Maltese people happy”.

And obviously, since today is Valentine’s Day, Daniel played The Couple Game with Michaela, and her boyfriend. Michela aced all questions apart from one – so we can safely say that it is a match made in heaven for these two.

You can listen to “Say it First” on Spotify, and the music video can be seen below. We are sure this song is going to make it to many playlists – feedback so far is looking great!