Michela’s Chameleon goes up in Eurovision results after EBU found error in voting

Michela Pace

Malta’s entry for the 2019 Eurovision contest has gone up from number 16 to number 14 after the European Broadcasting Union revealed that there was a mistake in the final counting of the Jury Votes.

After it was revealed that their Semi-Final vote had not taken place in line with the EBU regulations, the Belarus Jury Vote was cancelled and not taken into consideration.

In the final, the EBU took an estimate of how other countries were voting to replace Belarus’ votes with their own. However, after re-evaluating the end results, the wrong approximate result was taken due to human error.

The mistake did not affect the top four or the winning result, but it did bump our Michela from the 16th to the 14th position.

But that’s not the only good news Michela got this week!

Michela’s song ‘Chameleon’ has made it to the top of the charts all over the world, including music streaming giants, where it’s currently sitting at number four of the global viral 50 charts!

Well done Michela! You’ve truly made Malta proud.

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