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Michela has made it through to the Eurovision finals on Saturday

michela second semi final performance

For the first time since Ira Losco’s Walk on Water in 2016, Maltese viewers will have the pleasure of watching Malta performing in the Eurovision final on Saturday, 18th May.

After Michela’s amazing performance, Malta’s name was called last from 10 and chosen as one of the 26 countries to perform during the finals this Saturday. This semi-final was harder to compete in than the one that took place on Tuesday. Not only was there one more song for the public to choose from, but the songs in the second semi-final are much more popular with the audience.

Michela’s performance was simply amazing. She looked confident, owned the stage and sung every note fantastically.

Michela’s Chameleon is currently sitting at number 10 in the general odds, but all of this can change after her performance tonight.

The countries that passed to the finals are:

1. North Macedonia

2. The Netherlands

3. Albania

4. Sweden

5. Russia

6. Azerbaijan

7. Denmark

8. Norway

9. Switzerland

10. Malta

11. Greece

12. Belarus

13. Serbia

14. Cyprus

15. Estonia

16. Czech Republic

17. Australia

18. Iceland

19. San Marino

20. Slovenia

21. Spain

22. Italy

23. Germany

24. France

25. UK

26. Israel

What are your predictions for this Saturday’s top five?