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Michael Bublé Speaks Out About His Son’s Five-Year Cancer Battle


Singer Michael Bublé has opened up about the impact that his son’s battle with cancer has left on him over the past few years…



Bublé’s son Noah, now eight years old, was diagnosed with a rare type of liver cancer in 2016. Noah received chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his hepatoblastoma and managed to make a full recovery, but he still had to go in for scans.



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Five years on from his son’s cancer diagnosis, the singer says he lives a ‘deeper life’ after having gone through what his family went through. ‘It’s been almost five years, so we still have the scans and the ‘scanxiety’, you know what, I think he’s much better than we are’, he shared.



I think for him he’s this normal little boy who knows that he’s a superhero because dad tells him all the time. But for mum and I, I think even though we’re better it’s definitely something that… it’s there.’, he added.


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Bublé went on to express how the experience changed his life, enabling him to appreciate how lucky he is: ‘You know it’s funny I truly believe that when you’ve truly suffered and when you have gone through adversity it gives you an opportunity to live a deeper life.’



And in a strange way, though I’m happy for people that haven’t had to suffer that kind of pain or that kind of fear, I also, I worry because I know that sometimes when you’ve lived a perfect life without any adversity, then the second something happens people get very bitter, and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to live a deep life.’, he continued.


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Bublé even recalled an experience meeting a mother in a children’s hospital in Vancouver who said she was ‘happy’ to have heard about his son as it helped her understand if it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone.