MHRA Urges Government To Focus On Number Of Covid Patients In Hospital, Not Of Infected People


The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association appealed to the Government to start focusing their coronavirus policy on the number of patients recovering in hospital, and not on those resulting positive and who do not require to be hospitalised.


Mater Dei Hospital - Everbuild Tecnic


At the time of writing, there are 18 people who are being treated in hospital for COVID-19, while active cases stand at 1,963.



This came shortly after ECDC’s decision to place Malta on the travelling red list due to the sudden surge of covid-positive cases. MHRA President Tony Zahra insisted Malta’s target should be to conclude the vaccination programme by protecting every resident in Malta.


ERDF 196: Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre - Investing In Your Future


MHRA petitioned for the Government to work closely with all those involved in the tourism industry so that, together, they may face the challenge which is harming the people’s health, as well as the economy. The organisation also emphasised that authorities should work to reduce the number of infected persons in an effort to return to the green list.




Referring to the shortage of workers in the tourism sector, MHRA appealed to the Government to exempt overtime tax and part-time work in the industry so that more workers are encouraged to work in the industry and those working in the sector do not leave to work in other economic sectors.


woman in black jacket holding white paper


Above all, the association called for clear protocols that protect public health and the economy’s needs. As they stated, ‘It is important to remember that the economy belongs to all of us and that tourism is the heart of our economy’.

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