MHRA Pleas For The Removal Of All COVID-19 Protocols


The Malta Hotels and Restaurant Association (MHRA) has appealed to remove all implemented COVID-19 protocols.


The MHRA pledged that the vaccine has proven itself successful and that the time has come for a return to normality. The association referenced the high rate of people vaccinated and the upcoming administration of boosters.



This comes as protocols for catering establishments have remained static for the last 18 months. MHRA also criticised how restrictions are being eased, since they do not align with the current day realities.


coconut palm trees in hotel lobby


They added that these minor – and at times contradictory – decisions are causing great enforcement difficulties for the authorities to ensure there is equal treatment for all.



This has led to unjust situations in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as other economic sectors. The MHRA believes that the time has come for these protocols to be updated to reflect reality.


brown wooden dining set inside room


The Association ended its statement with an appeal to the Government to acknowledge the success that all have worked for over the past two years.

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