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MGT Comes to a Close…but not Before a Rundown by our 5th Judge!


Can you believe that after 10 shows we’re actually at the final? It feels like just last week we were still meeting Kapxi for the first time and questioning if he was a real act … and now here we are. One last time, here’s everything that happened last night:

The intro was a roll call-type-thing where each contestant showcased their talent.

*dancers and singers doing their thing* … Kapxi:


Kinetic Dance Academy opened the finals with the classic ‘travelling through the decades’ act.

Has to be done at least once in every show.


Yulan also carried on another Got Talent/X Factor with a Greatest Showman cover.


I told y’all we were getting one it was only a matter of time.



Ria proved once again that at ten years old she has more upper body strength than many of us will ever have.


Jomike & Lydon brought back their iconic choreography for their performance. They even got Sarah to join a bit!



Concept of Movement blew us all away as always with a performance so artistic and complex my two brain cells never know what’s actually happening.



Mattias switched off gravity for the three-minute duration of his performance.


Ike and Kaya borrowed nanna’s carpet for their Aladdin number.



And the kiss at the end of the performance ?? Ten year olds these days.



Joseph did … what Joseph does.

Amongst the xumms and pumms.



Lapes finished off last night’s performances by absolutely ROASTING the judges.

And here’s some of the best ones cause one gif wasn’t enough:

Roasted Ray and Sarah in one line … a two in one special. 

Never heard this one before!

Ben wasn’t even in the show this year and he wasn’t safe.

After a performance by surprise guest Destiny (last season’s winner as the finale guest … it’s a tradition, even though it’s a different format), Gordon announced the top three acts: Concept of Movement, Jomike & Lydon, and Ria.



Then we found out that Ria had come in third place, leaving Concept of Movement and Jomike & Lydon in the top two. As you or may not know by now, the winner was …


Just 10 weeks ago we were watching the first auditions and now we’ve got our first ever Malta’s Got Talent winners! We don’t know if we’ll have another Malta’s Got Talent or X Factor next year, but whatever we’re getting you know we’ll be back to make (lighthearted) fun of whoever’s on it!