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Merkel: “Shootings in Hanau have Exposed the ‘Poison’ of Racism in German Society.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has condemned the deadly shooting which happened in Hanau on Wednesday night and said they exposed the “poison” of racism in German society.

Speaking in Berlin, a few hours after the attack happened, Merkel confirmed the early indications which suggested that this was a racist, far-right attack, and, as also confirmed by the German Minister for Home Affairs, that this was a domestic terrorist attack.

Merkel said that “there are many indications at the moment that the perpetrator acted on right-wing extremist, racist motives, out of hatred towards people of other origins, religion or appearance,” she said.

“Racism is poison, hatred is poison and this poison exists in society and it is to blame for too many crimes.”

Merkel pledged to fight against those who try to divide the country along ethnic lines.

Nine people died in the attacks on the two bars on Wednesday night. Five others have life-threatening injuries, police said.

He shot himself and his 72-year-old mother at home, police said. They also confirmed he possessed a hunting licence.