“Melvin Theuma in Stable Condition at Mater Dei Hospital” – Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’


Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa this morning addressed a press conference, about the recent developments relating to State Witness Melvin Theuma, who was given the Presidential Pardon to reveal all he knows about the Daphne Caruana Galizia Murder. Theuma was hospitalised late last night after the Police found him in his Swieqi apartment with multiple stab wounds.

In his address this morning, Commissioner Gafa reiterated with the Malta Police Force initially said in its statement which was released last night – that all indications at the moment point to the wounds being self-inflicted, adding that there were no defensive wounds, and no evidence of break-in or commotion.



Gafa confirmed that Theuma had three wounds, on his neck, on his wrist and in his stomach, and said that the knife which was allegedly used was found in Theuma’s hand. The Commissioner also stated that Melvin Theuma personally indicated, in the best way he could, that the wounds were self-inflicted and that no one else was in the apartment at the time of the incident.

Commissioner Gafa said that currently Melvin Theuma is in a stable condition at Mater Dei Hospital after an urgent operation which was carried out during the night.



Police investigations are ongoing, with the police also seizing Theuma’s mobile phone as well as that of his partner, as part of the said investigations.

Commissioner Gafa said that this was the first known suicide attempt by Theuma, and that there were no known threats.



Melvin Theuma’s residence is under constant police surveillance, with the police also taking logs of whoever walks in and out of the building. Whenever Theuma needs to go out, he is also escorted by two Protection Officers.

On concluding, Commissioner Angelo Gafa said that further press conferences will be organised should there be any updates on this, and any other case, saying that he wants the Police Force to be more accessible to the media.