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Melania Trump advised to “move fast” and “Divorce Donald Trump” should Presidential Charges Persist


An adviser has revealed that Melania Trump has been advised to divorce Donald Trump should the presidency-related charges persist.

The steps of the ex-First Lady, who has come out as the least favourite First lady ever are being watched quite closely by the world over, especially after Joe Biden’s inauguration day last month, with rumours suggesting that the couple are in the middle of what is being labelled as a ‘marital rift,’


Donald and Melania Trump leave White House for final time as Joe Biden  prepares to move in | Metro News


These rumours were fueled further when Melania Trump was pictured walking away from him when they touched down in Florida on the 2oth January.



Eric Schiffer, a brand and reputation management expert, has stated that it is likely any further charges against Donald will “be the final act” in Melania’s role as Donald’s wife, presenting a “danger to their union.”

Mr Schiffer believes any further indictment, especially with the second impeachment case, will “trigger” a divorce for Melania, as it will no longer be “cool nor fashionable” to be married to The Donald.



He also said that is likely Melania’s advisers will urge her to “move fast” because a divorce with the Slovakian-born model could cost Donald an estimated $150million. If the charges go through, the Former President’s assets may become tied up and he “won’t have the cold cash to pay out.”

Apart from the impeachment case, Donald Trump’s non-political life is also being questioned with a case currently ongoing about whether the Trump organisation is guilty of various counts of fraud.