Meet The BMAs Nominees: Best Group

On the 14th of May, one of these groups will snatch the Bay Music Awards with Bank of Valletta trophy for Best Group, and the decision is entirely up to you.

Who do you think should win the Best Group award for the year 2020?

Casting your vote is quite simple. Just follow the link here, choose the category you want to vote for, and pick your favourite!

And to help you decide, we thought we’d give you a bit of refresher of the kind of talent these Maltese artists have blessed us with.

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You’ll know the Travellers for giving us some of the biggest bangers in Maltese to grace the island.

From ‘Iljuni fis-Silg’ to ‘Xemx u Xita’, ‘Ersaq fil-Qrib’ u ‘Umani’, The Travellers took the island by storm back in 2018 with their debut album ‘ljuni fis-Silg’, and have been giving us hit after hit ever since.


These guys have given us so many songs we love over the years, that we don’t even know where to start.

At the moment, Red Electrick’s ‘Dangerous’ has been comfortably sitting at the number one spot of our Malta’s Top 10 list, for 6 weeks in total!

The five-man band behind Red Electrick first fired up the Maltese airwaves with their bouncy debut single The End of it All and quite frankly, they haven’t stopped since.


Malta’s indie sister duo, Bettina and Philippa, are known for their memorable quirky melodies and songs.

In December 2011 the duet competed in the international Alchemy Song writing Competition, Arkansas, USA, where they were the youth division winners. Following that success, doors were opened locally encouraging the duo to work towards recording their own album. And the rest was history.

With iconic songs like ‘Me & You’, ‘Lie Liar’ and their latest ‘Second to None’, it’s no wonder this duo has found themselves nominated for the Best Group award.


As a ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Bob Dylan’ inspired group, this 4 piece powerhouse specialises in rock and roll.

Up till now they have released 4 EPs and a full length album, with hits like ‘Miles Away’ (for which they produced a short film – which is amazing by the way), ‘Cadillac’, and ‘Surfin Up’.

Got any favourites to win? Better hurry! Voting ends May 11th.

The Bay Music Awards are Sponsored by Bank Of Valletta

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