Meet the Bay Presenters’ Dads and YOU can win a Trial Flight for your Dad!

Father’s day is coming up and we thought we’d introduce you to the dads of our very own bay presenters. At the end is a little surprise for you, for a chance to win a special something for the special father in your life.

We asked our presenters to describe their dad in three words, and to tell us a little story that pops to mind when they think of their dad.

Daniel & his dad Chris

Daniel Testa

“My dad in three words – chill, chill and always chill.” Guess we know where he got that from …

“He’s so chill that once, I received a text message from him that seemed a bit … how am I going to put this … let’s say it was definitely not meant for me. After replying with a “X’qed tghid pa?” I got a reply: “That was meant for your mom.” Needless to say it got pretty awkward pretty quick.”

Pierre & his dad Anthony

Pierre Cordina

“Three words to describe my dad. It’s a bit difficult to find three words because he’s so much more but if I had to pick, they would be: loving, brave and a gentleman.

“The biggest thing that my father taught me is that my best is good enough for life. Especially in times where I was still studying, he always made sure to remind me of this little but huge point. This has helped me in many other challenges I have faced throughout life and am still facing.”

Ylenia & her dad David

Ylenia Spiteri

“That’s an easy one – amazing, talented, my hero.

“My dad was always the one who encouraged me to get into radio, in fact he was the one who trained me and it’s thanks to him that I’m a radio presenter today. We used to go upstairs to our little home studio every day and spend hours and hours of training until I finally got it perfect.”

Jake & his dad Sandro

Jake Cuschieri

“I’d describe my dad as hard working, funny and caring. As for the story I’ll never forget; I remember the first time I went on a date, I kind of lied my way through it. Ok, I just didn’t tell them it was a date. But you know how it is, they would’ve made a big fuss and I didn’t feel like getting a pep talk.

“While I was mid-way through my date, my dad drove past us as saw me with a girl he’d never seen before. Needless to say, it got pretty awkward. Would’ve been better if I just told him.”

Kurt  & his dad Carmel

Kurt Galea

“Hmm, three words to describe my dad. Determined, witty and kind are the three I’d pick.

“As for a story, we were painting the house, having our own family business, we’re the kind of people that like getting our hands dirty. We’ll do it ourselves whenever we can. Anyways, mid-way through one of the walls, I decided to paint his face rather than the wall. Luckily, my dad can take a joke and we laughed about it in the end, but seeing his face covered in paint is an image I’ll never forget for sure.”

Taryn & her dad Charles

Taryn Mamo Cefai

“I feel there aren’t enough words to describe what an incredible man my dad is, all I know is that he set the bar pretty high for any other man in my life.

“My dad is the reason I became such a foodie. I was always adventurous with food but I remember when I was little he used to promise me that if I didn’t like my choice of dish at a restaurant, he would trade me his instead. This pushed me to try things even if I wasn’t sure about them and that’s how six-year old Taryn found her love for seafood in Paris. If that isn’t daddy goals, I don’t know what is!”

Owen & his dad Mario

Owen Bonnici

“Hardworking, patient, Super Mario (that’s his name) because he solves all the problems I approach him with. All the technical issues I have are solved by him.

“A story that reminds me of him… He pretty adventurous when he was young. Whenever we used to go on holiday he would rent a car, we’d go over land, go around with old school maps to see where we’re heading. Once, we were in Croatia, we were still using maps, didn’t even have a GPS at the time, that’s how long ago it was. Anyway, he was driving, drove into the wrong road and we started driving on the train rail rather than the actual road. A train was coming at our direction, my mother lost it, grabbed the steering wheel and turned the car just in time!

“Another memory I’ll never forget is him teaching me how to drive … all I’m saying is, my father is a patient man.”


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A winner will be picked at random on Sunday, 16th of June.

Terms and conditions apply.


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