Meet Sprite – this adorable dog needs your help to get a new leg!

Meet Sprite, an adorable Pointer Mix, full of energy and loves attention, but in order to run around like the energetic dog he is, he needs a prosthetic leg.

The Help Sprite team are currently raising funds to cover the costs of Sprite’s new leg and therapy that follows.

Even though the procedure is quite common abroad, it’s never been done in Malta. Sprite could be the first dog to get a prosthetic leg here in Malta, but in order for that to happen, his owner Federica needs your help!

Federica shares how Sprite became part of their family:

“We were on our way home from Christmas shopping last December and saw a stray dog limping around, he seemed in pain. I asked my boyfriend to stop, we picked him up and took him home. Being a veterinary nurse myself, I couldn’t just leave him there.”

When Federica found Sprite, he already had a bleeding digit and a paralysed paw.

“With a paralysed paw, there were only two options: physiotherapy or amputation. He’s such an energetic dog, I knew there was something more that we could do, amputation was simply out of the question.”

Physiotherapy began and Sprite was fitted with his own dog boot to keep his elbow from getting damaged, but even walking is difficult for this adorable dog.

Federica wasn’t going to lose hope:

“there’s no hardest part about this. Knowing the better quality of life he could be having only makes me go that extra mile for him. What I am doing is purely to help him.”

Since Sprite still has full function in his shoulder and elbow, he qualifies for a prosthesis. Sprite is currently undergoing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to strengthen up his muscles. Once the operation is done and the prosthetic leg fitted, he should be able to gain full function of his leg.

help sprite

Part of the procedure would be done here in Malta, but the prosthetic leg needs to be manufactured in the UK. A 3D scanner will design Sprite’s new leg and allow him to run around and finally live the life every dog should have.

The procedure costs €6,000 in total to get Sprite a new prosthetic leg, and pay for his surgeries and hydrotherapy. So far, the Help Sprite fund has managed to raise over half of the costs, with €3,490 already donated from the generosity of the Maltese people.

“Sprite will be the first of many dogs able to get this procedure done. Who knows, maybe one day, dogs will be able to get similar procedures done completely in Malta.”

Want to chip in and help Sprite lead the life he truly deserves?

You can send your donations through paypal by following this link.

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