More Than €1,000 Collected To Help Dog Who Was Hit By Car


Meet Ollie, the cute dog who survived a massive accident and is now slowly recovering.



Sadly, Ollie was at home with his dog sitter when he got run over by a car. Due to this accident, Ollie was suffering from head trauma, lost a lot of blood, broke some bones and burst his lungs resulting in some difficulties with breathing.



He was immediately taken to an animal hospital where he started being treated. However, treatment and surgeries are really expensive and his owners are finding it difficult to afford paying that much.



Ollie needs all the help he can get to recover from this accident. His owners took to Facebook to write about the situation, desperately asking for the public’s help. So far, more than €1,000 has been collected to help Ollie.



Luckily, Ollie is currently doing much better and is leading a positive road of recovery. He has become an inspiration for everyone who listened to his story.



If you wish to help Ollie out in any way, you can donate here.