Meet Malta’s New Animal Welfare Commissioner


It all started with an animal emergency, an unanswered call to the animal ambulance, and the feeling of absolute helplessness and despair that followed…

This is how popular Animal Rights Activist and Blogger Alison Bezzina starts her farewell post on her ‘I Will Not Go Away’ blog.



Alison has been an animal lover all her life, and an activist for as long as she can remember. “For twenty plus years I’ve blogged, I’ve lobbied, I’ve marched, I’ve rallied… I did everything I thought could make even the slightest difference in the quality of life of animals in Malta.”

As the name of her blog implies, Alison will not go away, but rather pressing the pause button on it, because after being offered the position of Commissioner for Animal Welfare, and hesitated for the longest time, and even declining at first – Alison has announced that she has accepted the role of Commissioner for Animal Welfare “and give it my best shot.”



“I will be working directly with authorities, promoting and advocating for animal welfare, promoting educational campaigns and social dialogue and making recommendations to the Minister on laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines related to animal welfare,” she writes.

On behalf of all the animals in Malta and Gozo, Well Done and Congratulations Alison!