Meet Malta’s Most Adorable Instagram Pups

I tell myself … I won’t do it today. Spending most of your week night evenings scrolling through profiles of the cutest dogs and puppies you’ve ever seen is severely unhealthy.

But I can’t help it, they’re just too adorable. So I thought I’d share the burden with you animal lovers in hopes that I can finally find someone to binge watch pup profiles with.

We need to make #cutestpupsofmalta happen.

I mean … just look at them!!

(I apologise beforehand for all the cheesy puns … I just couldn’t help it!)

Smokey the Staffi

Smokey the Staffordshire Terrier just loves chilling next to the beach, playing in the sand and doesn’t mind a swim or two.


An adorable, extremely friendly Golden Retriever. We are head over heels in love!


Bay Breakfast’s very own Max! When he’s not stealing Ylenia’s limelight, he’s busy exploring every corner of the island.

You can say that Max is pawsitively adorable.


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Happy Valentines Day to all the female Bulls out there 🌹

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Oh my god! Look at that grumpy face. Someone looks like they need a few belly rubs.

How can you not fall in love?

Princess Sissy

Princess Sissy is a pawsh dog!

She recently got a haircut and is no longer rocking her adorable ponytail, maybe we’ll see her making a comeback once the weather starts getting colder.

Just Sniffin

Why so serious?


Another Max to add to our list, this time the most adorable huskie you’ll ever see.


This one is just as adorable as it is funny!

Some comedy gold to cheer you right up!

Pompom Mel

If someone were to ask me to send them a photo of a posh dog, I would definitely send them a photo of Pompom Mel.

Lady B

I think we can all agree that beagles are one of the cutest dog breeds around, but Lady B is definitely stealing the spotlight for all beagles just about now.

The Fox Maya

How cute is she with her own little cap? Hanini!!

Twinkle Paris

Definitely the sassiest of them all. Twinkle Paris might be tiny but boy oh boy is she mighty … and absolutely adorable!

Got any more pawsome Instagram profiles you think should make the cut? Send them over!

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