Meet Apricot, A Rescue Kitten With A Perfectly Symmetrical Two-Toned Face


A very rare chimera rescue kitten is currently residing in Tennessee with Nashville Cat Rescue, who shared a photo of Apricot – a unique (and absolutely adorable) two-toned cat with a perfectly symmetrical face…


We got some orphaned babies! This is a Chimera and very rare. Mommies are doing their job. * We will not be taking applications until they are fixed.

Posted by Nashville Cat Rescue on Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Ain’t she cute? The-two toned fur gives her the appearance of two different kittens merged into one – and apparently, that’s exactly what it is… As volunteer foster mama Kiki explained, ‘A chimera cat is exactly as it looks – 2 cats that blended into 1. They have 2 sets of DNA due to the embryos fusing together’.



Kiki also explained that chimeras ‘have eyes that don’t match, called heterochromia’ – but it takes 7 weeks of age to tell, so Apricot’s eye colours are yet to come out.


Apricot the cat


Another foster at the rescue, Kayli, said that Apricot and her sister Pretzel (loving the charcuterie theme here) were found inside a wall by a family working on their house, ‘After waiting for [the mother cat] for quite a few hours, she didn’t return, and they knew time was of the essence to get the babies to a nursing mom’.


Have you ever seen a cat like Apricot?

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