Maxine Sits Down With Jake On Malta’s Top 10 To Talk About Her Latest EP


Maxine is taking the island by storm with her evolving music style and visuals that she has been incorporating lately. The singer sat down with Jake on Malta’s Top 10 to talk about her latest EP and future updates!




Throughout our lives, we go through different experiences and we grow to like different things, which inspires us without realising. Maxine’s style, in terms of music and even visuals,  is noticeably different from what the audience was used to before.


The singer shared that she is evolving her music and exploring her own style; “My style changed, even my life changed, the music I used to listen to changed as well”, which resulted in a variety of styles throughout her EP.



Talking about Maxine’s latest EP, she explained the story behind Pull Me Closer. The track reflects the difficulties every relationship goes through, and the challenges it takes to keep the relationship alive. “Pull Me Closer is about a couple that are reaching their final stages but they still love each other and they want to keep this relationship going…”, the singer stated.



Maxine added that the meaning is open for interpretation and can also be associated with friends and families. Jake asked whether Pull Me Closer is about a particular someone or maybe even a personal experience of hers. Maxine, who is now used to being asked this question, even by her own boyfriend, clarified that this is not the case. While she went through similar experiences in the past, it was not inspired by a current one.



Jake went on to say that Pull Me Closer’s music video is, without a doubt, one of the best that Malta has seen and asked how the concept of it all came about. Maxine stated that she and Steven Levi Vella work closely together in order to produce their ideas into a reality; “With regards to style, we went for something a bit different, the location was different and even the outfits that were used throughout the music video”.



While Steven directed most of it, Maxine contributed to many of the ideas, especially when it came to the outfits, as that was completely in her hands.



With the X-Factor just around the corner, it was only natural for Jake to ask whether we will be seeing Maxine on our TV screens. At the moment, Maxine does not have any plans on contesting in the X Factor as she wishes to work completely on original songs.


The pandemic might have limited a lot of aspects for the music industry, but this did not discourage Maxine and in fact, she looks forward to hosting more live gigs and produce more songs. Aside from that, the singer wants to experiment more with different styles that she loves listening to, such as RnB and Jazz. We absolutely cannot wait to see more of your work, Maxine!