Matthew James Sits Down With Jake On Malta’s Top 10 To Discuss His Music And Possible Collabs


This week, Jake sat down with local artist Matthew James to talk about his recent music releases and future plans!



Jake started off this week’s interview by asking Matthew James about his song ‘Wrong Reasons’. The singer explained the message behind his song and said that in a world where people sometimes do and say things for wrong reasons, he prefers preaching what he described as the “good word.” ‘Wrong Reasons’ is just about that, trying to do things for the right reasons instead of the wrong ones.



Matthew James was also asked about how the music industry was affected when Covid-19 hit and how artists are jumping back now that the pandemic situation is starting to calm down. He said that, despite some small limitations, luckily everything is getting back to normal especially outdoor events.



When he was asked about future collaborations, Matthew James said that although we might not see collaborations in his upcoming album, we should still expect some collabs before the album is released.



Malta’s Top 10 with Jake will be back next Monday!